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Why Choose Us?

Delighted clients:

We have dozens of written testimonials and referees that independently outline the rewarding experience clients had with our real estate agency.

Proven results:

As real estate agents, we have achieved record sales and benchmark results right across the Lower North Shore. We regularly sell properties that other real estate agents have failed to sell.

Client Care:

We ensure that everything we do is in the best interests of our clients. This includes constantly honing our negotiation skills as a real estate agent, not disclosing offers to ensure we get the highest price possible, and not underselling the property just to make the sale.

Lower fees and charges:

We have a lower commission rate than most real estate agents and the advertising costs are significantly lower than nearly all of our real estate competitors. We believe that most real estate agents charge too much and deliver too little.

We genuinely do have buyers:

Our real estate agency has detailed records of all buyers that contact us regarding properties for sale. Many properties are sold without the need for advertising.

Accurate market assessments:

If you want to know the true value of your home, ask us. You will receive an honest and accurate assessment of properties for sale based on recent sales and comparable properties completely free of charge and obligation.


Our real estate agents have been selling properties on the Lower North Shore more than 10 years so we know the area, the current market and more than likely, the buyer for your home or property for sale.

Available 7 days:

Your property is always for sale when your real estate agent is easy to contact. Our real estate agents work in the evenings and on Sundays, and regularly receive great feedback from buyers that find other real estate agents hard to catch.

"You get what you wish for in David Murphy Real Estate, a truly wonderful collection of Real Estate professionals who keep you totally informed well beyond what you could even imagine."
- Carole Thomas, Crows Nest

If you are thinking of buying and/or selling real estate on the lower north shore you should call us on: 02 9968 2088